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New London: Historical Research Guide: Home

Researching any aspect of New London history can be tricky. This guide is intended to create a common starting place for college researchers from any field. If you have suggestions for improving the guide, please let us know.

Researching New London's History


  • You need to look through the various books and other documents that have been published or recorded over the previous centuries.


  • To find books and other documents in Shain Library and beyond, check out the tabs of this guide for suggestions.


Want help finding materials?

Need a hand working with library collections?

Ask A Librarian


Research on urban renewal made its way into CC Magazine. See the article here. See more videos on the Mapping Urban Renewal YouTube channel. And definitely please take a look at the GIS StoryMap Mapping Urban Renewal in New London: 1941-1975.  

New London history on social media


There are active groups of New London residents and history aficionados on Facebook where one can find lively discussions of New London history:

These two Facebook groups can be good sources for questions and conversation.

Research Inspiration