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New London: Historical Research Guide: Search tips for books

Researching any aspect of New London history can be tricky. This guide is intended to create a common starting place for college researchers from any field. If you have suggestions for improving the guide, please let us know.

Use OneSearch to find books and media in Connecticut College Libraries

Use OneSearch on the library website to search for books et cetera in the library.



Books on New London are classified in a variety of locations throughout the library:

  • Dewey Collection (in compact shelving on the lower-level)

333.78 So88 — Southeastern Connecticut, Regional Planning

362 — Hospitals, New London

917.465 — Parks, New London

  • Library of Congress (Reference, and 2nd & 3rd floor)

E185.93 — African Americans, Connecticut 

E241 — New London, History

E444 — Slavery, Connecticut

F102 — New London, History

F104 — New London, History

HE336 — Pedestrians, City planning

HF3163 — Whaling, New London

HG2613 — Savings bank, New London

JS1198 — New London, Ordinances

NK7111 — Silverwork, Connecticut

PS3529 — New London, Homes and haunts

S599 — Soils, New London

  • Connecticut State Documents (in compact shelving on the lower-level)

HD9000 — Food supply, Connecticut

HE356 — Traffic flow, New London

HN49 — Community development, New London

HT168 — City planning, Connecticut

‚ÄčTo Browse for books online, inside OneSearch click on Browse Search, or scroll to the bottom of any book item record for the virtual browse feature.


Browse by call number:

Virtual browse:


Try an Advanced Search with:

  • Day Publishing Company (as author)
  • New London (author is exact)
  • New London (subject contains)
  • New London County Historical Society (as author)
  • New London Landmarks (as author)
  • Southeastern Connecticut (author contains)
  • Southeastern Connecticut Council of Governments (author is exact)
  • Southeastern Connecticut Regional Planning Agency (author is exact)