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Library Prize 2024

The 2024

Connecticut College


Prize for





$500 Award | Applications due 3/08/2024 | Winners published in Digital Commons

How to Apply

About the Library Prize


The Connecticut College Prize for Undergraduate Library Research is a $500 cash award established in 2016 and offered annually to recognize excellence in undergraduate research projects that incorporate the use of library collections and that demonstrate sophisticated information literacy skills.


Students who submit winning projects will be recognized at the College's Annual Honors and Awards Ceremony in April. In addition to the prize awarded to the overall winner, up to three projects may be awarded honorable mention status.


Citations and research statements for all winners and finalists will appear in the Digital Commons - Connecticut College's Institutional Repository.

More About the Library Prize


The library prize is different than other awards offered at Connecticut College, because it focuses on the research process more than on the final product, and because it is open to all currently enrolled students who have done research in some form for a credit course.


The research in question can be a traditional paper, but it could also be some other kind of work for a class, including (but not limited to) a video, a presentation, or an artistic project. However, work created for an honors project is ineligible for this prize. For more information about the honors award, see The Oakes and Louise Ames Prize.


By offering an annual prize, the library aims to foster appreciation for outstanding student research at Connecticut College. This includes encouraging the use of library resources and enhancing the development of library research techniques.


The library’s commitment to scholarship will be reiterated formally each year by recognizing student work that demonstrates rigorous, innovative, and/or unique approaches to engaging with library collections and resources.


If you have questions, please email the Library Prize Committee at

Sponsors and Thanks

The Library Prize Committee is grateful to the Friends of the Connecticut College Library for their generous sponsorship of this award.

The Connecticut College Prize for Undergraduate Library Research is adapted from UC, Berkeley, Library Prize for Undergraduate Research; Temple University, Library Prize for Undergraduate Research.