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Connecticut College Prize for Undergraduate Library Research: Library Prize Committee 2016

The official site for the Connecticut College Prize for Undergraduate Library Research.

Library Prize 2024

The 2024

Connecticut College


Prize for





$500 Award | Applications due 3/08/2024 | Winners published in Digital Commons

The 2016 Committee


Every complete application is judged independently by each member of the Library Prize Committee according to the evaluation criteria (See Evaluation Criteria). Scores are then analyzed, averaged, and ranked to determine an overall winner or winners and any runners-up. 

The committee aims to be composed of several librarians and ideally three faculty members representing the broad branches of study consisting in the arts and humanities, the sciences, and the social sciences. This year's committee members included:


Ann  Devlin, May Buckley Sadowski '19 Professor of Psychology

Denis Ferhatovic, William Meredith Assistant Professor of English

Fred Folmer, Research and Instruction Librarian, and Special Projects Coordinator

Caroline Kent, Director of Research Support and Instruction

Andrew Lopez, Research and Instruction Librarian, and Government Documents

T. Page Owen, Associate Professor of Botany

Benjamin Panciera, Ruth Rusch Sheppe '40 Director of Special Collections



If you have questions, please email the Library Prize Committee at