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Connecticut College Prize for Undergraduate Library Research: 2017 Prize

The official site for the Connecticut College Prize for Undergraduate Library Research.

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$500 Award | Applications due 3/08/2024 | Winners published in Digital Commons

2017 Prize for Undergraduate Library Research


Information Services is excited to announce the winner of the 2nd annual $500 Connecticut College Prize for Undergraduate Library Research:


Lindsey Nelson '17

For her project:

"Help-seeking Behaviors in Young Children"‚Äč

Written Spring 2016 for Professor Loren Marulis' Human Development course, Individual Differences in Development (HMD 225)


An excerpt from Lindsey's application:

"I began my research by first carefully re-reading Richard Newman's (2000) piece 'Social Influences on the Development of Children's Adaptive Help Seeking: The Role of Parents, Teachers, and Peers.' [...] As a landmark piece in the help-seeking literature, I knew it would be important to start with this article. Moving forward, I sought to find more recent empirical research. To do so, I utilized Connecticut College's online Library [databases] ERIC and PsychINFO. I find these online databases particularly helpful in that they allow for nuanced searches. For example, [...] I used multiple groupings of [...] search terms in each of [the databases]. [...] Once armed with a substantial list of sources, I proceeded to carefully read each abstract to narrow my list [...]."


The full-text of winning research statements is available in Digital Commons.



Thank you to everyone who submitted their work or sponsored a student for this year's competition. We are thankful to have received a number of thoughtful and scholarly entries for this year's prize.


About the Library Prize


The annual prize was awarded for the first time in 2016. It is the first award at Connecticut College specifically created to recognize excellence in the research process. Its purpose is to honor students who have demonstrated excellence in research, and to motivate students to learn and deploy sophisticated research strategies. The competition is judged by a team of librarians and faculty (see Library Prize Committee).


All currently enrolled undergraduate students are eligible for the prize, and any student work for a grade (excepting work for honors projects) was accepted. Entrants submitted a copy of their work and a research statement describing their process, along with a bibliography and a note of recommendation from a faculty member. 


Students are encouraged to consider applying, and faculty, similarly, are encouraged to suggest that students apply.

Sponsors and Thanks

The Library Prize Committee is grateful to the Friends of the Connecticut College Library for their generous sponsorship of this award.

The Connecticut College Prize for Undergraduate Library Research is adapted from UC, Berkeley, Library Prize for Undergraduate Research; Temple University, Library Prize for Undergraduate Research.