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How to Make a PSA (Public Service Announcement): Research It


Once you have a topic in mind, it's time to research it a little deeper than the pre-research that may have led to your topic.


As you research, brainstorm ways to highlight your key message. Can you find a fact or recent development that might serve as a ‘hook’ for your PSA? A hook is whatever you use to grab the listener’s attention. It might even be a sound effect...


Comb through books, articles, and websites to see what others do or do not say about your topic and think about how this might inform your PSA. Can you find a good book or noteworthy periodical that shares your concern?


The library provides access to a wide variety of research tools that can help you think strategically about researching the topic for your PSA. Please take a look at the list of Library Research Tools for an overview, or Ask a Librarian if you want a hand with this.

CT Government Information


Check out our guide on Government Information in Connecticut:

  • Learn search techniques to focus your results to CT
  • Browse major issues before the CT legislature
  • Find out what CT gov't departments & agencies are focused on
  • Scan local news sources

News in CT


Check out our guide on news sources in Connecticut:

  • Access library databases to search 150+ CT news sources
  • Learn about the history of news in CT
  • Try our custom CT news search engine

New London Research Guide


Check out our New London Historical Research Guide:

  • Browse recently digitized CT documents
  • Check out CT data sources
  • Explore books in Shain library
  • Make use of local maps


Source: National Resource Center for Refugees, Immigrants, and Migrants. Guidelines for Producing Public Service Announcements (PSAs). University of Minnesota, 2021,