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Library Collections Information: Welcome and Overview


Thank you for visiting! The purpose of this site is to provide the campus with current information about the library collection — and the budgets, projects and policies that continue to shape it. Please click the above tabs for information on usage, price inflation and budgetsprojects, and policies. And check out the below information for an overview of the makeup of the library collections, along with a look at how the budget is apportioned.

Library Materials Budget: An Overview

Here some key points to know about the library materials budget.

  • The library collections budget supports multiple kinds of resources; please see this page for more information about collection policies.
  • Connecticut College's library collections include:
    • approximately 445,000 print books
    • 1.4 million electronic books
    • more than 147,000 journals' complete content
    • more than 100,000 government documents
    • more than 9,000 DVDs
    • more than 23,000 music scores
    • nearly 24,000 sound recordings

Material Types as Percentages of Collection Spending

The share and cost of electronic resources have steadily increased in the past decade! See the chart below for a specific breakdown of percentages of the library materials budget by material type.