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Library Collections Information: Projects

Collections Projects

Welcome to the Collections Projects page! We'll keep this updated with current and recent projects that are intended to improve the collection's access and/or usability. For information on the library's 2021-23 Collection Management Project, please click here.

• VHS Digitization: Beginning in January 2020, the library will digitize its remaining collection of VHS tapes. It's necessary to do so because VHS is now obsolete, the last manufacturer of VHS playback now having ceased operations. Further, VHS tapes degrade over time. We are changing these tapes' format so that they'll be able to be viewed by our users. To request access to a tape and/or to have it digitized, please email us. Once the tapes have been digitized, a user will be able to find them in the library catalog and contact the library for access, which will most often be provided via Moodle.