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Economics: Videos

A select list of Economics resources that are available from the Charles E. Shain Library at Connecticut College.

Twitter & Markets: Social Sentiment & Predictive Postings

Claudia Quinonez, News Product Manager at Bloomberg LP in London, discusses the challenges of extracting financially-relevant, corporate Twitter data to make market predictions.

The Approaches to Interdisciplinary Research on Brand Management

Dr. Shikder Moin, Senior Lecturer in Marketing and Associate Head Research and Scholarship at the Coventry University London, discusses the various approaches to interdisciplinary research on brand management.

The Essentials of Qualitative Business Research

Professors Emma Bell and Hugh Wilmott discuss the nature of qualitative research. This research is not about religiously following procedures, instead necessitating a much more creative, craft-like process.

An Introduction to Econometrics

Dr. Ben Lambert explains econometrics methods and the type of research they are best suited for. One method, called instrumental variables, enables social scientists to isolate factors of interest and reduce noise in a system.