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Music Resources: Complete Works

Greer Music Library (located on the lower level of Cummings Arts Center) serves the research, information and performance needs of the Department of Music and the entire college community. Visitors are welcome!

Complete Works


The music library has built over the years a collection of printed music generally known as "complete works." These are scholarly editions of the works of a composer, are considered to be the equivalent of a reference book, and are meant to be used for research and analysis. They circulate automatically to faculty/grad/honors students for two weeks; in-house use only for all other patrons. These scores all have a Dickinson call number beginning "05" (zero five), then are arranged alphabetically by composer.  Some sets are completed, some are ongoing, and some were never completed (subscription dropped or publisher stopped work on the set). 


Ad14               Adam, de la Halle                    

Ar21                Arcadelt, Jacob

B1222              Bach, C. P. E.

B1228              Bach, Johann Sebastian  (old and new editions)

B1229              Bach, Wilhelm Friedemann

B285                Bartok, Bela

B393                Beethoven, Ludwig van

B452                Berg, Alban

B4552              Berlioz, Hector

B496                Billings, William

B633                Bohm, Georg

B73                  Brahms, Johannes

B831                Bruckner, Anton

B831 N             Bruckner, Anton - Neue

B8344              Brumel, Antoine

B986                Buxtehude, Dietrich

B996                Byrd, William (old and new editions)

C111               Cabanilles, Juan   (Musici organici)

C348               Chaikovski, Peter  (filed under “C”, not “T”)

C455               Chopin, Frederic  (old and new editions)

C591               Clemens non Papa, Jacobus

C738               Compere, Loyset

C812               Corelli, Arcangelo

C832               Couperin, Francois  (old and new editions)

C8322             Couperin, Louis

D354               Debussy, Claude

D442               Despres, Josquin  (old edition; new edition shelved under “Josquin”)

D872               Dufay, Guillaume

F274                Faure, Gabriel

F426                Festa, Constanzo

F74                  Foster, Stephen

F914                Friedrich II, der Grosse

F948                Frye, Walter

G1143             Gabrieli, Giovanni

G116               Gace Brule.  Lyrics & Melodies

G335               Gesualdo, Carlo

G52                 Gluck, Christoph Willibald

G585               Gombert, Nicolas

G945               Guillaume de Machaut

H118               Handel, George Frideric

H278               Hassler, Hans Leo

H324               Haydn, Joseph

H584               Hindemith, Paul  [incomplete]

J16                   Jacquet de la Guerre

J744                 Joplin, Scott

J768                 Josquin des Prez  (new edition; old edition under “Despres”)

L338                Lasso, Orlando di

L699                Liszt, Franz

L969                Lully, Jean Baptiste

M335               Marenzio, Luca

M522               Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, Felix

M765               Monteverdi, Claudio

M792               Morales, Cristobal de

M867               Mouton, Jean

M877               Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus (old and new editions)

Ob6                 Obrecht, Jacob  (old and new editions)

Oc4                 Ockeghem, Johannes

P175                Palestrina, Giovanni Pierluigi da  (old and new editions)

P417                Pergolesi, Giovanni Battista

P961 Op           Puccini, Giacomo (Operas)

P971                Purcell, Henry

Q46                 Quinton, Jose Ignacio

R625                Rameau, Jean Philippe

R692                Rore, Cipriano de

R736                Rossini, Gioachino

Sa25                Saint-Saens, Camille

Sca742            Scarlatti, Domenico

Sch25              Scheidt, Samuel

Sch255            Schein, Johann Hermann

Sch63              Schoenberg, Arnold

Sch78              Schubert Franz  (two editions)

Sch79              Schutz, Heinrich

Sch866            Schumann, Robert (old and new editions)

Sh82                Shostakovich, Dmitrii

Sw38               Sweelinck, Jan Pieterszoon

---                    Tchaikovsky, Peter   SEE  Chaikovski, Peter

T236                Telemann, Georg Philipp

V583               Verdelot, Philippe

V584               Verdi, Giuseppe  [incomplete]

V662               Vincentino, Nicola

V666               Victoria, Tomas Luis de

W172              Walter, Johann

W66                Willaert, Adrian

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