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An introduction to RefWorks, a web-based bibliography and citation manager that enables users to create their own personal database of citations by importing references from the library catalog, library databases, and elsewhere.
Uploading Documents


RefWorks allows you to easily upload documents. Simply drag and drop a file onto the center pane or select Add > Upload Document and select the file. The file can be in any format (PDF, Word).

The file is uploaded as a reference with type Generic. RefWorks attempts to automatically extract as much information as it can from the uploaded file. Edit the reference to correct and complete the information. 

If you want to add your documents to a specific collection, make sure you’re viewing the collection first, then drag and drop the file(s). If you’re dragging multiple files, RefWorks will create a separate item for each document. Otherwise, drag and drop documents in the All Documents view and you can file them in collections once they are uploaded.

The video below demonstrates how to upload a document.