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Course Reserves How-to: Students

Search for Reserve Materials

Reserves can be searched by course code, instructor or department as well as the title.

Contact Information

Jennifer Bennett

Assistant Manager of Access and Technical Services


Reserve Information for Students


Reserve items are required reading or supplementary course material. All reserve items in Shain and Greer libraries are located behind the circulation desk and may be checked out upon request. Checkout times range from one hour to seven days; materials with checkout times of four hours or less cannot leave the library. To find out how long the checkout time is for a particular item, ask an employee at the circulation desk.

To checkout an item on reserve:

  • Go to the circulation desk and ask to check out an item on reserve. You will need to know ONE of the following:

    • Course code (example HMD-111 or NEU-314)

      • You may need to know the section number (e.g. HMD-111-1, HMD-111-2, HMD-111-3, etc.) if there are multiple sections of a course with different professors AND the course code is your only means to determine the correct reading materials.

    • Name of course (example: States and Markets in East Asia)

    • Full title, author, and edition of the material you need

    • Professor

Speak to someone at the circulation desk if you are unsure whether or not your course has items on reserve or if you need help determining which materials are on reserve for your courses. We are happy to help you access this information. 


Fines and Fees

Due to the popularity of reserves, items accrue hourly overdue fines of $1.00. If you have any questions or concerns about this or any other circulation policy, ask at the circulation desk or contact


Additional Information

At the end of an hourly checkout period, if no one else is waiting on the material you may check it out again. You may contact your professor and request a change in policy if the checkout time is too short. For required reading that is not on reserve, you may contact your professor to ask if materials may be added. Alternatively, you may also speak to circulation desk staff or email with questions

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask!