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Getting Started with Tableau: Resources for Further Learning

An introduction to data analysis and visualization using Tableau.

Resources for Further Learning


Tableau Viz of the Day

One of the best ways to learn more advanced techniques is to check out other people's "vizzes" through Tableau's Viz of the Day. If you see a viz that you like or are curious as to how it was made, you can download the workbook and "reverse engineer" the visualization if the creator has allowed permission to do so.


This should just be for private learning. Do not copy other people’s designs or ideas! If you like someone’s subject or design and want to make a similar viz that takes inspiration from someone else, make sure to give the original author credit in the details of your viz.

Here are some creative examples of what other people have created.


Playfair Data


Books from the Library

Other Helpful Books

Practical Tableau
Innovative Tableau
Storytelling with Data
Tableau Your Data!