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Scanners & Digitization Tools: Transcription Pedal

This guide provides a basic overview of the book scanner, the microform scanner, and the transcription pedal; all of which are available for faculty, student, and staff digitization projects big and small.


Shain Library is home to an innovative transcription pedal made by AltoEdge.





Sync the AltoEdge transcription pedal with the free Express Scribe transcription software, and you will be in a good position to significantly cut down the time it takes to transcribe audio files into text.





1) Check out one of the AltoEdge transcription pedals at the Circulation desk 

2) Download the free version of the Express Scribe transcription software

3) Make sure the 3 controls on the foot pedal are setup the way you want them in the software; see the foot pedal setup guide for details

4) You might want to work with headphones

5) Open your word processor and prepare to start typing





Additional Information

AltoEdge transcription pedal details

Express Scribe (download free version)

Express Scribe (instructions)


Additional Tools

Descript is a recording and editing software with both free and paid tiers. The free tier offers 3 hours of transcription, full editing capabilities, unlimited screen recordings, and studio sound effects. uses artificial intelligence to empower users with real-time transcription meeting notes that are shareable, searchable, accessible and secure. The free tier supports 300 monthly transcription minutes; 30 minutes per conversation.

| Anyone with a college account can log in to MediaSpace (Kaltura) and upload a video. Once it is uploaded you can select "Captions & Enrich" from the Actions menu on the video's page and then request machine generated captions. Once they have been generated there will be a link below the video to "Show Transcript", and if you select "Edit" from the Actions menu you can click on the Captions tab and download the captions file.