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Scanners & Digitization Tools: Microform Scanner

This guide provides a basic overview of the book scanner, the microform scanner, and the transcription pedal; all of which are available for faculty, student, and staff digitization projects big and small.


Shain Library is home to a state-of-the-art self-service microform (microfilm & microfiche) scanner called the ST ViewScan III. Upload files to Google Drive or save them to a USB drive.

While the scanner should be easy to use and intuitive for all, some guidance on its special features could save you time and resources.

When you are at the scanner itself in Shain Library, notice the instructions printed out next to the scanner, as well as the ViewScan Premium Quick Start instructions and User Guide on the desktop of the computer attached to the scanner (see also links at right on this page).


1) MAKE IT READABLE (the Browse tab)

  • Load your microfilm or microfiche
  • Launch the scanner by double-clicking the ViewScan Premium icon 

  • Physically slide the glass-film-plate to position image on screen
  • Rotate/Mirror image if necessary 

  • Zoom In/Out & Focus In/Out until text is legible

  • Digital Zoom is a way to toggle between closeup & full-page view

2) SELECT DESIRED CONTENT (the Cropping tab)

  • Select the Cropping tab at top-of-screen
  • Lasso desired content with one or more lassos to select it
  • Capture cropped area button at bottom-of-screen

  • Captured images are stored temporarily at bottom-of-screen in image bin where they can be viewed, enhanced, or saved

3) SAVE YOUR WORK (the File tab)

Save options:

  • Save to USB on scanner (the D:\ drive)

  • Upload to Dropbox or Google Drive

  • Email option does NOT work

Save to USB:

  • Select the File tab at top-of-screen

  • Select Disk

  • Browse to Removable-disk-drive D:\

  • Select a folder and click OK

  • Click to Save

Save to Google Drive:

  • Select File tab at top-of-screen

  • Select Google Drive

  • Enter your login

  • Click to upload

Instructions & Documentation

Quick Start

User Guide


Performance Specifications

| Instructions handout

For assistance... Ask a Librarian!