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Religious Studies: Islam

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Islam – Encyclopedias
Concise Encyclopedia of Islam 
Cyril Glasse 
REF BP 40 G42 1999 

Encyclopaedia of Islam 
H.A. R. Gibb 
REF BP 40 E5 1954  (10 vol) 

Encyclopedia of Islamic Doctrine 
Muhammad Hisham Kabbani 
REF BP 166 K33 1998 (7 vol.)

Oxford Encyclopedia of the Modern Islamic World 
John L. Esposito 
REF DS 35.53 O95 1995 

Shorter Encyclopedia of Islam 
H.A.R. Gibb 
REF BP 40 S5 1965 

Islam – Qu’ran

Concordance of the Qur’an 
Hanna E. Kassis 
REF BP 133 K37 1983 

Dictionary of Qur’anic Terms and Concepts 
Mustansir Mir 
REF BP 133 M57 1987 

Encyclopaedia of the Qu’ran 
Jane Dammen McAuliffe 
REF BP 133 E53 2001 

Exhaustive concordance of the meaning of Qur’an: based upon the translation of Abdullah Yusuf Ali 
John Cason 
REF BP 133 C37 2000 

The Holy Qur’an: with English translation of the Arabic text and commentary… 
Ali S.V. Ahmed 
REF BP 109 1995 

Islam – Other

American Muslim 1994 Resource Directory of Islam in America
America Muslims Support Group 
REF BP 67 U6 A48 1994 

Complete book of Muslim and Parsi names 
Maneka Gandhi 
REF CS 2970 G3 1998 

Cultural Atlas of Islam 
Isma’il R. Al-Faruqi 
REF DS 36.85 A39 1986 

Dictionary of Islam, being a cyclopaedia of the doctrines, rites, ceremonies,,, 
Thomas Patrick Hughes 
REF BP 40 H8 1935 

Dictionary of Muslim names 
Salahuddin Ahmed 
REF CS 2970 A34 1999 

Guide to Islam 
David Ede 
REF Z7835 M6 G84 1983 

Historical Dictionary of Islam 
Luudwig W. Adamec 
REF BP 50 A33 2001 

Islam beyond Terrorists and Terrorism 
Iftekar Mahmood 
REF BP 70 M34 2002 

Muslim Almanac: a reference work on the history, faith, culture and peoples of Islam 
Azim Nanji 
REF BP 40 M83 1996 

Muslim Diaspora: a comprehensive reference to the spread of Islam in Asia, Africa, Europe and the Americas
Everett Jenkins 
REF BP 50 J46 1998 

Muslim Peoples: a World Ethnographic Survey 
Richard Weekes 
REF DS 35.625 A1 M87 1984  (2 vol.) 

Muslim Women Throughout the World: a bibliography 
Michelle Kimball 
REF Z 7963 I74 K56 1997 

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