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Government Information: CT News

The Government Information guide is a gateway to information produced by the government, including an overview of the government documents collection at Connecticut College.



Search through 150+ Connecticut newspapers. Mostly current with some coverage extending back to the 1990s or earlier. 


The Day newspaper of New London, founded in July 1881, is one of America's last independent newspapers. As such, The Day provides a valuable record of New London history going back to 1881, but it is not easy to access (see this blog for an explanation). While The Day's website went live around the year 2000, in order to access older issues you have several options:

  • Try your luck with the pieces digitized by Google
  • Browse the microfilm at Public Library of New London
  • Search the 90-day back file in Press Reader (library database)
  • Search from 2009-current in Access World News (library database)
  • Try finding secondary sources or special collections that contain references to articles of interest
  • Print copies held in Shain Library for 2 weeks
  • As of 2023, The Day has been digitized in

Student newspapers at Connecticut College date back to 1915. They provide a solid 100-year record of the institution and the town of New London. The newspaper has been published under several titles, including The College Herald, The Connecticut College News, ConnCensus, The Pundit, Satyagraha, and The College Voice. It has been fully digitized and is available in Digital Commons, the institutional repository of Connecticut College. See also The College Voice website for a limited selection of recent content.

Founded in 1764, the Hartford Courant is the largest daily newspaper in Connecticut and possibly one of the oldest continuously published newspapers in the country. While its website dates to the late 1990s, it has been well-digitzed and with a CT State Library card it can be searched from their databases. Beyond the newspaper's website, modes of access include:

A custom web search of several Connecticut news sites. Mostly recent content.

  • Capitol Report
  • The College Voice
  • Connecticut Network
  • CT Examiner
  • CT Mirror
  • CT News Junkie
  • CT Post
  • The Day
  • Hartford Courant
  • Norwich Bulletin
  • The Trinity Tripod
  • Wesleyan Argus


The Norwich Bulletin was digitized for the period 1909-1922 and can be browsed via Library of Congress.

It's also searchable in Access World News from 1999-Present and in the CT custom news search engine on this page.

To access historic back issues, the Otis Public Library in Norwich maintains the following holdings: 

  • Norwich Bulletin microfilm, 1858-1951 [1870s-1880s incomplete]
  • Norwich Bulletin bound volumes [limited access], 1952-Sept 1982
  • Norwich Bulletin (modern) microfilm, Oct 1982-present
  • Norwich Bulletin Index, 1865-1930


More information about Connecticut newspapers


Since the 1700s, there have been some 1,600 newspapers in Connecticut. Take a look at some of these online resources for more information on Connecticut's newspapers:

Select books about Connecticut newspapers:

See also Library Databases for other newspapers.