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Film Studies: Searching for Articles and Books

Library resources for film studies at Connecticut College.

Where do I search for articles? Or for books?

There are numerous ways to search for books, as well as for articles that appear in scholarly journals — the publications that scholars use to undertake and communicate their research.

Let's start with the articles. Information about these articles is cataloged in databases, which are also called Indexes. These are online subscription search engines that give you information about articles. You can access the most relevant databases for film studies by using the links in the box at right. Also, you can get more tips on finding articles by clicking here (find the box labeled "How do I search for scholarly journal articles?").

On the library's home page, you'll find a box for OneSearch, which searches the library's holdings as well as additional article and outside content. If you start typing, you'll see that you're presented with a number of options, which include:

  • Search "Everything" — searches Connecticut College article databases, book and media holdings as well as open access materials
  • Search "ConnColl Books and Media" — searches only books and media (DVDs, CDs, etc.) that are held by Connecticut College
  • Search Worldcat, a "union catalog" showing the contents of many public and academic libraries (scroll down for link)


Film-Related Databases

Finding Film Reviews

You can find many film reviews within newspapers; click here for a full list of newspaper resources. Often, the best way to find a review would be to search for the title of the film (in quotes), along with the word "review." You can also limit your search to reviews; for instance, in the "ProQuest Newspapers - Major U.S. Dailies" database, find the box labled "Document Type," then click "Review."

Also, the Web site Metacritic aggregates reviews of contemporary films and provides links. As does the site Rotten Tomatoes. As does the Movie Review Query Engine (MQRE).

In addition, the Film & Television Literature Index has many film reviews; click the link below.

And in print: