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Research Data Management

Data security


The following are general recommendations for storing data securely using College resources:

  1. Save data in a Google Shared Drive. The default storage limit is 100GB; please submit a WebHelpDesk ticket to create a Shared Drive and increase the storage limit if necessary for your research needs.
  2. Shared drives are regularly backed up by Google, and our local administrators are able to restore any deleted files should anything be accidentally deleted.
  3. If you intend to share the files with collaborators or other researchers, you can do so very easily. As the owner, you can organize the Shared Drive into folders to clearly show what is shared and what is not.   
  4. Should you leave the College, local Google administrators will be able to access the Shared Drive and assign ownership to a colleague or collaborator.

For help with the security of your data, either to understand what kind of security you need, or to set up a secure data storage system, please contact your library liaison.