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Social Justice

To provide information and resources about diversity, inclusion and social justice issues.

Campus Resources


Gender and Sexuality Programs

Originally founded as a Women’s College and with an impressive track record of LGBTQIA inclusion over the past decade, Connecticut College is committed to fostering an equitable community on our campus. In service of that goal, Gender and Sexuality Programs houses both our LGBTQIA and Womxn’s Centers.

Both of these centers serve as vibrant community hubs where dialogue and exploration of gender and sexuality is encouraged through social events, educational offerings, resource libraries, and more. In each of these spaces, visitors will be greeted by trained student staff who are able to offer resources on a variety of topics, as well as connect students with on campus resources, as needed.


Institutional Equity and Inclusion

Office of the Dean of Institutional Equity and Inclusion

The Office of the Dean of Institutional Equity and Inclusion is responsible for integrating equity and inclusion in every aspect of the educational, residential, and professional life of the College. The Dean and offices in this division work collaboratively with colleagues across campus to promote a culture of inclusion; implement policies in support of full participation; develop and coordinate programs that address equity and inclusion; and foster conversations to enhance open dialogue and discussion.

Vision: We envision Connecticut College as a diverse, equitable, inclusive and socially just community.

Mission: The Division of Institutional Equity and Inclusion leads in educating and supporting Connecticut College partners on how to embed cultural competency into policies, practices and campus-wide services. We advocate for social justice in our community and beyond, with courage, compassion, integrity and excellence.

Race and Ethnicity Programs at Unity House

Race and Ethnicity Programs (REP) at Unity House is a multicultural center that contributes to the educational mission of the College by providing leadership and support in the College's commitment to diversity and multiculturalism. REP is a part of the Division of Institutional Equity and Inclusion.  

Our mission is to empower underrepresented college students through mentoring and culturally relevant programming.



Religious and Spiritual Programs

Connecticut College has a long and distinguished tradition of honoring the human spirit and nurturing its development. Benjamin Marshall, the College's second president, believed the goal of a Connecticut College education was to meld "knowledge gained from different fields of study with the practical and spiritual life of the individual."

The Office of Religious and Spiritual Programs gives this tradition a formal "home" in the life of the College. Students are encouraged to consider larger questions about their purpose and role in this world. As they examine their values and beliefs, they gain a greater appreciation for beliefs different than their own and respect for those who hold those beliefs. Our goal is to provide students with a foundation that will help them integrate personal beliefs with professional demands and prepare them to lead lives of integrity, civility and compassion.