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AI and Teaching: Assignment Ideas


One strategy for addressing AI in the classroom is to incorporate it into your teaching!  Below are a few general ideas for using AI in assignments.

If you are incorporating AI into your assignments, we would love to hear about it!  Email with your AI-driven assignment description and whether or not you are willing to share with others.

Exploring AI-Query Logs

ChatGPT Query Logs

Ask students to "play" with an AI bot such as ChatGPT or Bing AI by providing it with different prompts.  Students can keep a "query log" of all of their prompts and can reflect on AI's responses in this ongoing journal.  You can provide specific reflection and critical thinking prompts or leave it open-ended.

Random AI Assignment Ideas

A List of possible AI assignments:

  • Ask students to identify statements of bias generated by the AI tool and have a discussion surrounding the potential source of this bias and its impact.
  • Challenge students to find a question that ChatGPT doesn't want to answer.  Morally charged questions, for instance, often stump generative AI tools.  Have students continue to revise the prompt until the AI answers the question and then reflect on the eventual answer.
  • Ask students to generate policy surrounding AI for different sectors of industry (ex: higher education, business, non-profit work, etc.)

Revising AI

Revising AI output

Have students revise AI output from any generative or AI writing app (ChatGPT, Bing AI, Paragraph AI, etc.).  Students can work to fact check these tools and provide citations where necessary or they can revise the style choices of the writing.

Examples of How AI is Being Used in College Courses

Below are examples of how educators are using AI in their classrooms across disciplines.