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Reference Sources on World Countries

U.S. Documents

Documents Reference/Online Resources

D Country Survey Series: excellent overviews of individual countries; chapters on history, economy, politics, and foreign relations of each country covered; extensive chapter bibliographies at end; note dates of publication for currency. 
PrEx  CIA World Fact Book
S State Department --Background Notes (looseleaf compilation of fairly current basic information) 

                       NOTE: Many government resources, including the above, are also available on the WWW.   See CC-Docs International Links.

Congressional Hearings
              Y4's on lower level. Listed in online catalog, and indexed and abstracted in CIS Index in DOCS REF and on
              the  LexisNexis Congressional Home Page.

Reference Collection: LC Classification


Encyclopedias and Encyclopedia Yearbooks (Half of Britannica Yearbook devoted to country-by-country surveys)   BritannicaOnline accessible through Library Home Page.
Facts on File, Keesings Record of World Events (Looseleaf monthly news updates; worldwide coverage; cumulative indexes.)
LC's classification for Area Studies: DA-U.K.; DC-France; DD-Germany; DK-Russia; DP-Spain; DR-Eastern Europe; 
DS-Middle East and Asian Studies; DT-African Studies;E-F-Americas; F 1400-Latin American Studies.
G Encyclopedia of the Third World, Environmental Profiles, Worldmark Encyclopedia of the Nations.
LC's classification for statistical compilations: UN Demographic Yearbook; UN Statistical Yearbook; International Historical Statistics.
HC World Development Report, Human Development Report, and other economic yearbooks.
HD-HF Economics: labor, trade, finance. Worldmark Encyclopedia of National Economies, Encyclopedia of the Developing World, Company Histories, International Financial Statistics.
HQ Families, children, women, sex issues. Check for international topics. Handbook of World Families, Statistical Handbook on the World's Children, Greenwood Encyclopedia of Women's Issues Worldwide.
Statesman's Yearbook, International Political Science Abstracts (International, comprehensive coverage of the journal literature in political science). 
JC Human Rights material, including Amnesty International Reports.
Political Handbook of the World (Country-by-country survey)

Oxford Companion to Politics of the World
Europa World Year Book (country-by-country coverage: includes annual overview, statistics,and directory information)
JX Coverage of international government, including United Nations.
KZ United Nations
P Language and languages, including dictionaries. PC-Romance languages; PD-PF-Germanic; PG-Slavic; PL-East Asian and African.
Z 2000-5000 LC's classification for bibliography; includes ABC-Clio's individual bibliographies for many countries throughout the world. This area will take you to many other sources.

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