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Search the Library Catalog to find books, video's, government publications and journal titles. The catalog can be searched by author, title, keyword or subject and contains the holdings of Connecticut College as well as Trinity College and Wesleyan University. To search for books and media outside of the local catalog, use WorldCat.

Oxford Classical Dictionary (3rd ed.) REF DE 5 O9 1996
Oxford Companion to Classical Civilization  REF DE 5 O92 1998
Civilization of the Ancient Mediterranean (3 vol.) REF DE 59 C55 1987
Der Kleine Pauly: Lexikon der Antike (5 vol.) REF DE 5 K5 
Der Neue Pauly: Enzyklopädie der Antike  REF DE 5 N43 1996
Dictionary of Ancient History REF DE 5 D53 1994
Encyclopedia of Classical Philosophy REF B 163 E53 1997
Greek Thought: a Guide to Classical Knowledge REF DF 78 S2813 2000
Encyclopedia of Greece and the Hellenic Tradition REF DF 757 E53 2000
Cambridge Ancient History (shelved in main collection) D 57 C25...
Encyclopaedia of the History of Classical Archaeology REF DE 5 E5 1996
Princeton Encyclopaedia of Classical Sites REF DE 59 P7
Guide to the Ancient World; Dictionary of Classical Place Names REF DE 25 G72 1986
Atlas of the Classical World ATLAS CASE DE 29 H463
Ancient History Atlas ATLAS CASE G 1033 G65 1972
Atlas of Classical Archaeology ATLAS CASE G 1046 E15 A8
Atlas of Ancient Archaeology REF GN 739 H38
Atlas of the Greek World REF DF 77 L43
Atlas of the Roman World  REF DG 77 C597
Barrington Atlas of the Greek and Roman World ATLAS CASE G 1033 B3 2000
Oxford Companion to Classical Literature REF PA 31 H69 1984
Greek and Latin Authors, 800 B.C.--A.D. 1000  REF PA 31 G7
Ancient Writers: Greece and Rome REF PA 3002 A5 1982
Ancient Greek Authors (Dict. of Literary Biog., v.176) REF PS 21 D5  v.176
Ancient Roman Writers (Dict. of Literary Biog., v.211) REF PS 21 D5  v.211
Crowell's Handbook of Classical Drama REF PA 3024 H35
Classical and Medieval Literature Criticism (1988-) REF PN 610 C53
Cassell Dictionary of Classical Mythology REF BL 715 M37 1998
Crowell's Handbook of Classical Mythology REF BL 303 T75 1970
Dictionary of Classical Mythology REF BL 715 G713 1985
Dict.of Classical Mythology: Symbols, Attributes and Associations REF BL 715 B44 1982
Lexicon Iconographicum Mythologiae Classicae (8 v. in 16) REF N 7760 L49 1981
Place-names in Classical Mythology REF DF 16 B45 1989
Women of Classical Mythology REF BL 715 B445 1991
Room's Classical Dictionary REF BL 727 R58 1983
Who's Who in Classical Mythology REF BL 715 G68 1993
Lexikon der Griechischen und Romischen Mythologie REF BL 715 R7 1965
Dict. of Greek and Roman Biography and Mythology    DE 5 S7 1870 (3 vols) 2nd Floor
Who's Who in the Ancient World REF DE 7 R33 1971
The Ancient World (vol. 1 of Dictionary of World Biography) REF CT 104 D54 1998
Who Was Who in the Greek World REF DF 208 W48
Who Was Who in the Roman World REF DG 203 W46
The Roman Emperors REF DG 274 G73
Classical Scholarship: A Biographical Encyclopaedia REF PA 83 C58 1990
L'Annee Philologique REF Z 7016 A 55 (3rd floor)
Guide to Research in Classical Art and Mythology REF N 7760 V3 1991
Classical Studies: A Guide to the Reference Literature REF Z 7016 J4 1996
Classical Scholarship: An Annotated Bibliography REF Z 7016 H34 1986
Mycenean Civilization: A Research Guide REF Z 2260 F48 1996
Dictionary of the History of Ideas REF CB 5 D52 (5 vols.)
International Dictionary of Historic Places ( vol.3&4) REF CC 135 I585 1995 (5 vols.)
Encyclopedia of Philosophy REF B 41 E5 1972 (8 v. in 4 + Suppl.)
World Philosophers and their Works REF B 104 W67 2000, (3 vols.)
Encyclopedia of Religion REF BL 31 E46 1987 (16 vols.)
Dictionary of Art REF N 31 D5 1996 (34 vols.)
MacMillan Encyclopedia of Architects REF NA 40 M25 1882 (4 vols.)
International Dictionary of Architects and Architecture REF NA 40 I48 1993 (2 vols.)
Greek-English Lexicon REF PA 445 E5 L6 1996
Oxford Latin Dictionary  REF PA 2365 E5 O9

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