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Caravan (books)

Library Resources

Books & Media
Search the Library Catalog to find books, video's, government publications and journal titles. The catalog can be searched by author, title, keyword or subject and contains the holdings of Connecticut College as well as Trinity College and Wesleyan University. To search for books and media outside of the local catalog, use WorldCat.

History resources available in Shain Library include:

The major Library of Congress classification numbers for history books fall within the following ranges:

CB History of Civilization
D General History
DA-DR Europe
DS Asia
DT Africa
DU Oceania
E America. United States
F United States local history. Latin America. Canada
G Geography (General)
HC-HD Economic History
HN Social History and Conditions

In the Dewey collection, the 900’s cover history.

General Guides to Historical Research

From reliable sources : an introduction to historical methods  D16 H713 2001

Writing history : a guide for students.  D16 S864 1999

Major Encyclopedias and Other Reference Sources

Dictionary of the Middle Ages  D114 D5 1982

Encyclopedia of Modern Asia  DS4 E53 2002

Encyclopedia of Asian History  DS31 E53 1988

Oxford Encyclopedia of the Modern Islamic  DS35.53 O95 1995  

Kodansha Encyclopedia of Japan  DS805 K633

Encyclopedia of Africa South of the Sahara  DT351 E53 1997

Handbook of North American Indians  E77 H25

Encyclopedia of the North American Colonies  E45 E53 1993

Dictionary of American History  E174 D52 2003

Encyclopedia of African-American Culture and History  E185 E54 1996

Encyclopedia of the American Civil War  E468 E53 2000

Encyclopedia of the American West  F591 E485 1996

Oxford Encyclopedia of Mesoamerican Cultures  F1218.6 O95 2001

Encyclopedia of Latin American History and Culture  F1406 E53 1996

Encyclopedia of the Confederacy  E487 E55 1993

Oxford Encyclopedia of Ancient Egypt  DT58 O94 2001

Encyclopedia of the Holocaust  D840.3 E53 1989

Encyclopedia of the United States in the Nineteenth-Century  E169.1 E626 2001

Encyclopedia of Historians and Historical Writing  D14 E53 1999

Chronology of World History (Prehistory-1998)  D11 M39 1999

Columbia Gazetteer of the World  G103.5 C65 1998

Oxford Atlas of World History  G1030 O94 1999

Complete Atlas of World History  G1030 C66 1997

Routledge Atlas of American History  G1201 S1 G53 2003

Dent Atlas of American History  G1201 S1 G53 1993

African-American Atlas : Black history and culture  E185 A79 1998

History Atlas of South America  G1701 S1 E4 1998

Atlas of Russian History  G2111 S1 G52 1993


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