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Anthropology: Library Resources

This research guide contains a selected list of Anthropology resources that are available from the Charles E. Shain Library at Connecticut College, as well as links to selected Anthropology resources on the Internet.

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James Gelarden is the Library Liaison to the Anthropology Dept.  He may be reached at x2662 or email her at

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Anthropology Resources

The following list of Anthropology resources is intended to provide a starting point for locating information in Shain Library. You may also want to search for relevant reference books based on the ethnic group or region you are studying. Please contact the Reference Desk for research assistance.


American Anthropological Association Style Guide

The Chicago Manual of Style. (16th edition, 2010)
Z253 C57 2010 [Reference Desk]

Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary. (10th edition, 2000)


International bibliography of anthropology. (v. 1 - , 1955 - )
Z7161 I593 [Reference]


The dictionary of anthropology. (1997)
GN307 D485 1997 [Reference]

A dictionary of archaeology. (1999)
CC70 .D53 1999 [Reference]

Dictionary of artifacts. (2007)
CC70 .K55 2007 [Reference]

Dictionary of concepts in cultural anthropology. (1991)
GN307 W56 1991 [Reference]

Dictionary of race, ethnicity and culture. (2003)
GN495.6 D53 2003 [Reference]


The Cambridge encyclopedia of hunters and gatherers. (1999)
GN388 .C35 1999 [Reference]

Companion encyclopedia of anthropology: humanity, culture, and social life. (1994)
GN25 C65 1994 [Reference]

Companion encyclopedia of archaeology. (1999)
CC70 C59 1999 [Reference]

Encyclopedia of historical archaeology. (2002)
CC70 H5 E53 2002 [Reference]

Encyclopedia of human evolution and prehistory, 2nd ed. (2000)
GN281 .E53 2000 [Reference]

Encyclopedia of race and ethnic studies. (2003)
GN495.6 C37 2003 [Reference]

Encyclopedia of world cultures. (1991)
GN550 E53 1991 [Reference]

Gale encyclopedia of multicultural America. (1995)
E184 A1 G14 1995 [Reference]

History of physical anthropology. (1997)
GN50.3 H57 1997 [Reference]

International encyclopedia of linguistics. (1992)
P29 I58 1992 [Reference]

International encyclopedia of the social & behavioral science. (2001)
H41 .I58 2001 [Reference]


American Anthropological Association Code of Ethics (approved June 1998)

Cambridge history of the native peoples of the Americas. (1996)
E77 C253 1996 [Reference]

A complete manual of field archaeology: tools and techniques of field work for archaeologists. (1980)
CC76 .J68 [Reference]

Handbook of American Indians north of Mexico. (1907)
E77 H68 1907 [Reference]

Handbook of cross-cultural psychology. (1997)
GN502 H36 1997 [Reference]

Handbook of ethnography. (2001)
GN345 .H365 2001 [Reference]

Handbook of North American Indians. (1978 - ) (vols. 3-13, 15, 17)
E77 H25 [Reference]

CRC Ethnobotany Desk Reference. (1999)
GN476.73 .J66 1999 [Reference]

See the Research Databases for Anthropology section of this guide for a list of electronic indexes.

Abstracts in anthropology. (v. 1 - 39, 1970 - 1999)
GN1 A15 [3rd Floor Reference]

Linguistics and language behavior abstracts : LLBA.
P1 L32 [Reference] (v. 30, 1996 -) - ask at the reference desks for earlier volumes

REPORTS & BULLETINS (late-19th to mid-20th century):

U.S. Bureau of American Ethnology Bulletin.
E51 U6 [2nd floor]

Annual Report of the Bureau of American Ethnology.
Oversize E51 U6 [2nd floor]

Memoirs of the American Anthropological Association.
572.06 Am35 [3rd floor]

Anthropological papers of the American Museum of Natural History.
GN2 .A27 [2nd floor]

Yale University publications in anthropology.
572.06 Y12 [3rd floor] (through no. 71; newer located at various LC call numbers)

Following are some of the periodical titles for Anthropology. Current titles are shelved on the main floor alphabetically by title. Back issues beginning with the letters A through J are located on the lower level, K through Z on the third floor.

American Anthropologist. (v. 1, 1888 - ) Latest 7 years in print; earlier in JSTOR (online journal archive).

American Antiquity. (v. 1, 1935 - ) Latest 3 years in print; earlier in JSTOR (online journal archive).

Annual Review of Anthropology. (v. 1, 1972 - ) Also available in electronic format.
GN1 A623 (2nd floor)

Antiquity. (v. 1, 1927 - )

Ethnology. (v. 1, 1962 - ) Latest 5 years in print; earlier in JSTOR (online journal archive).

Journal of Anthropological Research. (v. 29, 1973 - ) Latest 3 years in print; earlier in JSTOR (online journal archive).

Language in Society. (v. 1, 1972 - )

Medical Anthropology. (v. 1, 1977 - )

Reviews in Anthropology. (v. 1, 1974 - ) Volumes 1-33 in print; v. 31 and later as electronic journal.

Theory and Society. (v. 1, 1974 - ) Latest 3 years in print; earlier in JSTOR (online journal archive).

Journals Online:
The following titles are available electronically in full text. A full listing of all online journals is located on the library homepage under the "Journals" link.

· Annual Review of Anthropology
· Anthropological Quarterly
· Anthropology Today
· Current Anthropology
· Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute

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